Baduk Death Pact

Several Baduk players on Twitch have congregated into a virtual community, and are engaged in the “Death Pact”, which is just an agreement to play and study way more than ordinary life ordinarily allows.


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Two Years of Windows 10

After two years Microsoft Windows logo dual-booting Windows 10 and Kubuntu Linux, surprisingly, I like Windows 10. (I’m not a fan of the lack-of-privacy features, part of a troubling trend.) Especially I like PowerShell. It’s pretty awesome to be able to do get things done in Windows again.

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Windows 10 EULA — can’t sue except for IP??

I’ve been dual-booting Windows 7 and Kubuntu Linux… Thinking about the free upgrade to Windows 10; puzzled by the Microsoft Licensing Agreement prohibiting lawsuits except re: intellectual property (IP).

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Winter soon

I find that I am looking forward to winter. I need to lose the weight that I packed on over the summer, and I need to replace my boots, but nevertheless I am eager for snowboarding season to start.

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Control-Z and the Draughtsman

After 20+ years of various graphic arts projects with computers, I had to do a graphics project the old-fashioned way, with a ruler, pencil, eraser, and Magic Markers. Undo exists, sort of, but it isn’t simple.

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Helen’s new site, sed, computer straitjacket

Setting up a website for a friend was more painful than I expected, because I’d forgotten most of what I’d once known about HTML and CSS. And a lot had changed when I wasn’t looking — including Secure Boot, a threat to civilization that I hadn’t noticed.

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Software for Tournament Direction

Over the years, I have used three programs to direct Go tournaments. I’ve also done it once with just a spreadsheet program; and with paper or index cards a couple times, which is perfectly adequate for a small tournament. If there are more than 15 or 20 players, then having the computer do the work via specialized tournament software can be a big time-saver.

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