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I have been an enthusiastic user of spreadsheet software, going back to Lotus 1-2-3 on DOS. So of course, I love MS Excel. Then I discovered the joys of OpenOffice Calc.  It was awesome — fast, free, and 95-ish% compatible with files from Excel. Then there was a period when OpenOffice wasn’t getting updates — some kind of messy political thing involving Oracle — and LibreOffice became the new hotness.  And to be honest, LibreOffice is cool….


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I’ve been re-reading The Phoenix Project, which I find (surprisingly, for a manifesto) pretty enjoyable. It’s a believable novel that traces an imaginary IT manager through the travails of a botched deployment, and his journey to the promised land where Development, InfoSec, and Operations work hand- in- hand to seamlessly shorten their development cycles and deploy multiple times daily.

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Adventuring with Vim

Princess from Vim Adventures gameI’ve started streaming on Twitch myself (I’m mike_tac at, which is surprisingly fun. I’m not yet playing Baduk there, because I’m a bit chicken; but I’ve been playing a tutorial game called Vim Adventures, and streaming that.

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The Coding Gold Rush?

One thing that has remained consistent over the past three decades is the predicted shortage of workers qualified for the predicted vast number of tech jobs. Is it true, or is it a bubble? Update — two prominent coding bootcamps are going out of business.

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Two Years of Windows 10

After two years Microsoft Windows logo dual-booting Windows 10 and Kubuntu Linux, surprisingly, I like Windows 10. (I’m not a fan of the lack-of-privacy features, part of a troubling trend.) Especially I like PowerShell. It’s pretty awesome to be able to do get things done in Windows again.

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Windows 10 EULA — can’t sue except for IP??

I’ve been dual-booting Windows 7 and Kubuntu Linux… Thinking about the free upgrade to Windows 10; puzzled by the Microsoft Licensing Agreement prohibiting lawsuits except re: intellectual property (IP).

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Control-Z and the Draughtsman

After 20+ years of various graphic arts projects with computers, I had to do a graphics project the old-fashioned way, with a ruler, pencil, eraser, and Magic Markers. Undo exists, sort of, but it isn’t simple.

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