Watching EGC 2017

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For the past Logo for European Go Congress and sponsor few nights, I have been watching the 2017 European Go Championship tournament games. I’ve been watching on KGS, and the live stream of Board 1 on the European Go Federation channel on Twitch.

Mostly, they have been doing a very good job with the broadcasts. Having said that, there have been some technical difficulties with the cameras on the live stream; and these have taught me the importance of getting the fundamental connectivity and quality issues resolved. (HD is no good if the audio drops out every two or three seconds during your professional’s after-game review.) And some of the game transcribers on KGS have kibbitzed to a degree that I found surprising, in contrast to the relatively staid behavior expected of AGA game transcribers. (Kudos to Chris Garlock and the E-Journal crew!)

I have enjoyed “chatting” online with other Baduk enthusiasts — who were also watching the games — as much as I’ve enjoyed watching the actual games. It’s not quite the same as being at the Seattle Go Center watching a broadcast of a high- level match, but in some ways, it’s close. (And it’s better than watching screensful of “X” and “O” transmitted over telnet while refreshing news:// — same basic concept, but much better interfaces.) Among the things I’ve learned from online chatters —

  1. The European Go Federation has its own professional players. (And as with the AGA professional players, it’s not immediately obvious to me how they can monetize their love for Baduk.)
  2. One of the EGF pros, Ali Jabarin, is an Israeli of Arabian ethnicity. He plays slowly and imaginatively, and I have it on good authority that he’s quite handsome.
  3. There’s an Australian, Hei Jiajia (a.k.a. Joanne Missingham), who is a pro in the Taiwanese professional system. She’s not playing in the EGC, but somehow she became a topic for discussion. Oh, I remember — someone wondered if she’d be giving commentary on the games, which I guess she often does. (Also, the same good authority assured me that she’s the prettiest professional Go player — “prettier than a pop star even”.)
  4. Google Translate has improved, and is better than nothing, but still produces absurd results.

I’m looking forward to watching the semi-finals, if I’m awake in 12 hours; and I certainly plan to watch the finals. I’d best lay in some popcorn. –MMlvx

Update 2017-07-30: Congratulations Ilya Shikshin! –MMlvx


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