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Watching EGC 2017

I Logo for European Go Congress and sponsor have been watching the 2017 European Go Championship tournament games, on KGS, and the EGF live stream of Board 1 on Twitch. They have been doing a very good job with the broadcasts. Online chatting with other views is almost as much fun as watching the actual games. It’s not the same as watching with a group of friends in person, but it’s close.


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The Importance of Yose

Black and White Go stones in the corner of the board.As part of the Baduk Death Pact, I have been working my way through 200 Endgame Problems: Winning Tactics by Shirae Haruhiko 7P. As early as the preface, I am finding a wiser perspective that already has improved my play.

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Adventuring with Vim

Princess from Vim Adventures gameI’ve started streaming on Twitch myself (I’m mike_tac at, which is surprisingly fun. I’m not yet playing Baduk there, because I’m a bit chicken; but I’ve been playing a tutorial game called Vim Adventures, and streaming that.

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The Coding Gold Rush?

One thing that has remained consistent over the past three decades is the predicted shortage of workers qualified for the predicted vast number of tech jobs. Is it true, or is it a bubble? Update — two prominent coding bootcamps are going out of business.

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The Community of Go

Surrounding Game movie logo, English words and Chinese ideogramsSeeing the film The Surrounding Game on the big screen with my tribe was emotional for me. Affirming, connecting, and other touchy-feely stuff I usually squirm away from. Glad I didn’t.

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Baduk Death Pact

Several Baduk players on Twitch have congregated into a virtual community, and are engaged in the “Death Pact”, which is just an agreement to play and study way more than ordinary life ordinarily allows.

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Two Years of Windows 10

After two years Microsoft Windows logo dual-booting Windows 10 and Kubuntu Linux, surprisingly, I like Windows 10. (I’m not a fan of the lack-of-privacy features, part of a troubling trend.) Especially I like PowerShell. It’s pretty awesome to be able to do get things done in Windows again.

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