Snowboarding Season is Over

Last weekend, I went up to Alpental for the final day of snowboarding.  It was bittersweet.  The snow was obviously melting fast, but still plentiful, thanks to an epic season of snowfall.  The weather was warm, and the mountain was crowded with skiers and ‘boarders in shorts and shirt-sleeves.

For our final run of the day (and of the season), we dropped International.  A few weeks ago, it was just a fun, really steep run; but now, full of moguls, and with the snow melting and the rocks beginning to stick out, it seemed noticeably steeper, double black diamond credentials on full display.  (In a previous year, I had dropped it on an icy day.  After that, I stayed away from “Nash”, as the cool kids call it, until this past winter.)

Today I’m unmounting the bindings and putting on the storage wax.  I’m taking the boots off the dryer, taking the polypro off the drying rack, and packing it into plastic bins, and stacking it in the basement for the next six months.  I’m sad snowboarding season is done, but so very glad that I got to partake of one of the best snow years I’ve seen since I began riding.  –MMlvx


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Game Clocks

My recent Go tournament experience highlighted for me the inferior design of the digital clocks used in board game tournaments.  Over the years, I have used six different models, from different manufacturers, and they’ve all got the ‘Blinking Twelve’ problem, and they’ve got it bad. … One of these days, I’m going to see about customizing them with a USB interface to a computer, for easier programming.

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SGC Spring Tournament

Yesterday (Sunday), I played in a Go tournament for the first time in six years. I saw a bunch of old friends, and I had so much fun!  There’s just something about the intensity of face-to-face tournament play that is unlike playing online, or even casual face-to-face games. If Baduk is a mental martial art, then tournaments are some kind of cross between a duel and a rank test.  Ratings points are up for grabs, and only one will get them; and competition for scarce resources lights up our most primal pathways.

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Facebook Dilemma Resolved

I had posted recently about my lack of decisiveness regarding Facebook:  To delete, or not to delete?  That was the question.  Well, a few hours ago, I clicked the delete account button.  As long as I don’t accidentally login over the next two weeks, that should do it.

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I have been an enthusiastic user of spreadsheet software, going back to Lotus 1-2-3 on DOS. So of course, I love MS Excel. Then I discovered the joys of OpenOffice Calc.  It was awesome — fast, free, and 95-ish% compatible with files from Excel. Then there was a period when OpenOffice wasn’t getting updates — some kind of messy political thing involving Oracle — and LibreOffice became the new hotness.  And to be honest, LibreOffice is cool….

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Facebook Dilemma

I’ve been thinking to close my Facebook account for a few years now, and the Cambridge Analytica scandal was the final straw. But, there in fact are a number of people I know from snowboarding, with whom I’d like to keep in touch.  Some of them put a lot of time and care into their posts; and mostly, they’re visible only if you’re “Facebook friends” with them.  When I nuke my account, I’ll lose access to them, in a practical sense.

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Thankful for the Snow!

The snow at my home mountain has been pretty spectacular, this 2017-18 winter, and I feel massively grateful for the La Niña weather pattern that made it happen.  The snowboarding has been epic.

At the same time, I’m deeply troubled by the record low Arctic icepack this winter.  (more…)

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